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“RecordBreaking Drone Attack: Kyiv Under Siege from Russia’s Assault!

On Sunday night, the Russian military launched what Ukrainian officials have described as the biggest drone attack against Kyiv since the start of the war in 2014 between Ukraine and the Russian-backed separatists. The attack reportedly came in the form of multiple Gorgon unmanned aerial vehicles, which were launched from Russia’s Rostov-on-Don region. The drones then flew over the Ukrainian city and targeted vital infrastructure in the area, including the city’s power grid and gas pipelines. The attack was claimed by the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), a breakaway region in eastern Ukraine that has been in a state of armed conflict for the past seven years. The DNR has denied any involvement in the drone attack, however, and has instead blamed Kyiv for the incident. The attack was strongly condemned by the Ukrainian government and the United States, who both said that the attack was a violation of international law and a direct threat to peace in the region. The European Union also issued a statement expressing its concern. The attack makes it clear that the conflict in Ukraine is far from over, and that the Russian-backed separatists are still actively trying to destabilize the country. It also highlights the continued need for peace talks and a peaceful resolution to the conflict, which is something both Ukrainian officials and the international community have been stressing for some time. In the wake of the attack, Ukraine has increased security in the area and has warned citizens to be on alert in case of further attacks. The Ukrainian military has said that it is ready to protect citizens and respond to any further attacks, and is seeking international help to strengthen the nation’s security. It is undoubtedly a worrying development in the conflict in Ukraine, and one that could potentially further destabilize the region. However, it is important to remain hopeful that the ongoing peace talks will help find a resolution and put an end to the horrific conflict.