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Deadly Flooding in Somalia Hits 100 Mark: Death Toll Soars

The death toll from flooding in Somalia has been rising steadily since rains began in excess of the normal levels for the beginning of the month. As of today, nearly 100 people have died in the country due to the flooding. Heavy downpours and a cyclone from the Arabian sea have inundated large portions of Somalia, particularly in the eastern portions of the country. The flooding has impacted hundreds of thousands and left tens of thousands homeless. The flooding has been particularly devastating in rural and mostly agricultural areas, where homes have been destroyed and crops wiped out. The damage caused by the flooding has also had a major impact on access to clean water and basic necessities like food and medical supplies. Many of the people displaced are in need of urgent help and are struggling to find places to shelter from the flooding. The government of Somalia has declared a state of emergency and launched a response plan to assist the most affected regions. The Somali government have coordinated with human rights organizations and is providing support for affected families and destroyed areas. The government has also issued an appeal to the international community for support. The situation in Somalia remains critical. The death toll is expected to rise as the flooding continues and more displaced families are left with no access to medical care or food. The government’s response plan is still being implemented, and organizations around the world are working to provide assistance to those affected. The Somali government has acknowledged that it may take years for the most affected regions to recover, and they are calling for continued support from the international community. It is clear that the flooding will have dramatic and long-term impacts on the Somali people. The death toll is already high, but adequate assistance and support can help minimize further losses and provide much-needed relief for those affected.