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“Exodus of Labourers: Hamas Attacks Take Toll on Israel’s Farms

In the wake of a deadly conflict between the Palestinian militant group Hamas and the Israeli military, Israel’s farms have been left in a precarious situation with a major labour shortage. Prior to the 11-day conflict, a large majority of the agricultural industry was made up of Syrian refugees and other foreign labourers. These foreign labourers were essential for the operations of the Israeli farms as they provided much needed hands for harvest season. However, the intense violence of the conflict has spooked many labourers, causing them to flee the country. The ensuing uncertainty in the region has created a domino effect, leaving thousands of workers without jobs. The shortage of labourers has posed a serious challenge for Israel’s agricultural industry. To battle the labour crisis, the Israeli government is now looking abroad for foreign workers. This is not only a move to fill in the gap in the labour market but is also being viewed as a way to promote economic development. However, this approach is not without its problems. Critics argue that while bringing in foreign labourers may fill the immediate labour shortage, it does little to address the underlying conflict between Israel and the Palestinian territories. It also runs the risk of exploiting the workers who are coming from abroad. In addition, there are also concerns that an influx of foreign workers could put additional strain on an already strained infrastructure. Ultimately, it will be up to the Israeli government to balance the needs of their agricultural industry with the need to solve the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian territories. It remains to be seen how the government will handle this precarious situation.