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“Biden Faces Off With Controversial Radio Show: A History of Anti-Semitism Revealed

Joe Biden recently gave an interview to a radio show that once promoted a notorious antisemitic conspiracy theorist who has compared Jews to termites. The former Vice President appeared on WABC radio in New York City which aired the programs of radio host and conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones. Jones had previously spread controversial theories including one stating that the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a hoax, and he had also used dehumanizing language to describe Jews. The appearance on the WABC radio show follows months of criticism of the Biden campaign’s approach to fighting antisemitism during the election. This has included accusations of downplaying or whitewashing the more extreme views from political figures belonging to the Democratic Party, such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. In response, the Biden campaign has said it has worked diligently to combat the rising tide of antisemitism, both in the Democratic Party and in the nation as a whole. The campaign’s Jewish Outreach Director, Aryeh Tuchman, issued a statement saying “We can never accept or normalize antisemitism in our public discourse. We will never allow anyone’s criticism of Israel to be used as a cover for or excuse for any form of bigotry.” Despite this, Biden appearing on the WABC radio show has raised eyebrows amongst many Jewish organizations. Anti-Defamation League Chief Executive Jonathan A. Greenblatt said “It is disheartening that Joe Biden has appeared on a program which promoted Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist and notorious antisemite who compared Jews to termites.” The Biden campaign argues that the Edwards Show, which Biden appeared on is completely separate from the controversial Alex Jones Show. They insist that Biden was addressing policy issues and it is important to appear on a wide variety of mediums in order to communicate their message to all parts of the electorate. This latest episode highlights the balancing act that Biden and all politicians face when deciding how to appeal to all constituents in their electorate without compromise their values. For many Jews, this episode may have caused concerns but Biden is confident he has the record and policies to demonstrate his commitment to fighting antisemitism, both in the Democratic Party and beyond.