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The Market Crash Is Near ZERO: See What This Indicator Says!

The stock market is unpredictable and notoriously volatile. This can be a source of anxiety for investors who may wonder – what are the chances of a market crash? Recently, one indicator has caused investor confidence to skyrocket – the “fear and greed index”. This unique index tracks the fear and greed levels of the market, measured through various factors such as S&P 500 news, commodity prices, market momentum, fear sentiment, and the Volatility Index (VIX). At the time of this writing, the index is currently indicating zero, which in short means the chances of a market crash are very low. The index is updated daily and aims to give investors a short and effective way to gauge fear in the market. It is created using a colour-coded scale of 0-100, with zero being “Extreme Fear” and 100 being “Extreme Greed”. Anything below 25 indicates fear while anything above 70 indicates greed. At the moment, the index is showing general investors as being in a state of neutral non-fear/non-greed. When the index is low, it indicates that investors are on the fence and hesitant to make a move. When the index is high, it indicates that investors are confident and investing heavily. While there are no guarantees, investors should feel relatively comforted that the fear and greed index currently suggests that the chances of a market crash are incredibly low. It should be noted that the index is not perfect and does not guarantee future outcomes. It should always be used in conjunction with other fundamental and technical analysis to make an informed investing decision. As always, investors should always tread with caution and speak to an expert before making any investments.