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“Home for the Holidays, Part 2: The New Normal of the Economic Modern Family

The economic modern family often finds themselves home for the holidays. As the world seems to become more interconnected, the idea of a traditional Christmas celebration with extended relatives is slowly fading away. Despite the decrease in physical contact during the holidays, these economic modern families still find a way to celebrate and look ahead to the future. Part 2 of this Economic Modern Family Home for the Holidays series shines a light on some of the creative ways a family can still enjoy quality time together and make plans for the future. One of the ways to make sure everyone in the family is connected is to engage in virtual activities. This can include Christmas-themed board games such as ‘Cranium Carollers’, ‘Christmas Jeopardy’, or even ‘Christmas Monopoly’. These games make for good conversation starters, as each family member is able to get to know one another better. Additionally, by playing such games, economic modern families can discuss values and priorities for the impending year. This is especially important for members of blended families who may not have gotten the chance to voice their opinion or ideas about how to move forward together. Furthermore, economic modern families may also get the chance to take a virtual vacation. This is especially convenient for those who are unable to physically travel due to the Covid pandemic. There are a variety of travel websites that provide virtual tours to different locations around the world. A family can turn the tour into a fun and educational experience by sharing facts and stories about the location with each other. Virtual sightseeing is also great for those who may have limited time to travel and need to take short trips between holidays. Finally, Economic Modern Families have a unique opportunity to utilize technology to stay connected during the holidays. Video calls and chat rooms allow for meaningful conversations to take place between all family members, no matter the distance. This opens up the door for holiday traditions shared from afar to be passed on from generation to generation. The holidays can be a great time for an Economic Modern Family to come together and make decisions for the future. By getting creative with the use of technology, family members can continue to stay connected and make the most of the time they have together. Even when not in the same room, family members can still spread holiday cheer and celebrate the many blessings of the season.