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“Honda Issues Recall on Over 300,000 Accords and HR-Vs: Seat Belt Defect a Risk!

Honda Motors has recently recalled almost 304,000 Honda Accord and HR-V vehicles due to a seat belt defect. The issue is located in the seatbelt pre-tensioner, the device which tightens the seatbelt when necessary. According to Honda, this particular device is defective and could cause the seatbelt to not properly restrain the occupant; this could cause serious injury if the vehicle were to be in an accident. Honda Motors is advising owners to check their vehicles’ VIN numbers immediately to see if they are affected by this recall. The affected vehicles were made between 2020 and 2021. All models of the Honda Accord and HR-V sold in the United States have been included in this recall. The company is working with dealers to repair any affected vehicles as soon as possible, free of charge. Owners may bring their vehicles in to have the seatbelt pre-tensioners replaced. Vehicle owners can also visit the official Honda website for more information about the recall. This recall is the latest in a string of Honda recalls this year. In January, the company recalled roughly 350,000 Honda CR-Vs due to an issue with the power window switch. Honda has also recalled numerous vehicles over the past few years due to airbag problems, including over 3 million Hondas in 2015 alone. It’s important for all Honda owners to check that their vehicles are up to date with any recalls, as they may be affected by an issue with their car or truck. No accidents or injuries have been reported in relation to the seat belt pre-tensioner issue, but Honda is working quickly to fix it and ensure that all their vehicles are up to date. This recall not only keeps drivers safer by ensuring their seatbelts are secure, but also serves as a reminder that recalls are an important safety measure to consider when driving any vehicle.