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“Still Haven’t Started Your Thanksgiving Trip? Don’t Stress – Busy Days Ahead!

According to the AAA travel projections, the busiest days of Thanksgiving travel are yet to come. Despite the increase in coronavirus cases in many states, families are still on the road for the holiday season. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, a lot of people are still getting together to celebrate Thanksgiving and give thanks. If you haven’t left yet, but plan on traveling for Thanksgiving, you’re not alone. As of Saturday, November 21, there’s still plenty of time to start your journey before the busiest travel days arrive. Here are some tips to make your Thanksgiving travels as smooth as possible. Firstly, make sure to leave early. Leaving early can help you avoid the worst traffic. It’s also a good idea to check the forecast before you leave the house. If there’s a winter storm or other weather related incident, you should delay your trip. In addition, it’s important to plan your route in advance. See if there are any special conditions you’ll need to take into consideration, such as a construction or road closures. You can also check for updates online and get traffic updates. When it comes to packing, it’s a good idea to pack light. Bring only essential items, so you can get to your destination quickly and avoid any extra baggage fees. Make sure to pack snacks for the road, a change of clothes, and a first aid kit in case of an emergency. It’s also wise to have a backup plan. If your car runs out of gas, has a flat tire, or experiences a mechanical failure, you should have an alternate plan in mind. Make sure you’re stocked with necessary items, like jumper cables and a spare. These tips are just the beginning for a stress-free Thanksgiving travel experience. Make sure to stay safe and follow safety guidelines on the road, so you can make it to your destination and have an enjoyable Thanksgiving.