Catch Up Time: Global Climate Summit Convenes in Dubai to Address ‘Backsliding’ of Year Past

As the world faces the potential devastation of climate change, a group of world leaders and environmental advocates are meeting in Dubai for the much anticipated Climate Summit. With the Paris Agreement indefinitely postponed and the US federal government backing out of its commitments, all eyes are on the attendees to pick up the mantle of global action against global warming where it has been dropped. The two day summit began on Tuesday, January 9th and is meant to encourage collaboration between environmental experts and world leaders on a cohesive strategy to combat climate change that is still menacing the planet. The conference has brought together policy makers, representatives and members of the United Nations, and representatives from several environmental groups to discuss potential solutions to the ever increasing environmental issues. With global emissions still rising despite the United States pulling out of the Paris Agreement, it is clear that there is ground to make up. The conference’s purpose is to draw attention to the urgent need to act and come up with solutions that can be implemented on a global scale. The belief among many participants is that the conference is a vital opportunity for the global community to make progress on the climate change challenge. The summit is an important milestone for the environment as it is the first time such a meeting has been held since the Paris Agreement. With the United States withdrawing from the agreement, the onus falls on other countries to set the pace for global emissions reduction. In an attempt to get leaders to commit to clean energy usage and emissions reduction, the summit will feature a series of panel discussions and other activities that delve into topics such as renewable energy, carbon sequestration, and improved climate adaptation. It is clear that this meeting of world leaders and environmental advocates has the potential to significantly impact the global effort to combat climate change. With the threat of global warming looming in the background, the outcome of this summit can be nothing less than game-changing for the planet and its inhabitants.