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‘Crowds Devour Red Lobster’s Deal of Unlimited Shrimp – Too Good to Be True?’

Red Lobster has made headlines with one of its latest promotional deals, but not always for the best of reasons. The seafood chain recently launched a promotion offering unlimited shrimp for $15.99, but the offer was so popular and so cheap, it caused problems for the company. Instead of people taking advantage of the great deal, some had to take their business elsewhere due to the sheer volume of orders. Restaurants were overwhelmed by the demand and had to limit the promotion to one or two shrimp entrees per order in order to keep up with the demand. The company has since apologized for any inconvenience and has released a statement to explain what happened. A Red Lobster spokesperson said, “Due to the recent promotional success, and receiving orders beyond our wildest expectations, some of our locations ran out of product on hand.” The spokesperson went on to encourage customers to keep checking out the promotion, as they hope to be able to once again offer unlimited shrimp. The seafood chain also assured customers that they have put measures in place to ensure that they can keep up with demand in the future. The offer was so popular and widely publicized that it more than likely drew more attention to Red Lobster than expected. Although it caused supply-chain issues, it is still a great example of how a well-executed promotional offer can drive sales and increase customer loyalty. Ultimately, Red Lobster’s unlimited shrimp promotion was too popular and too cheap for its own good. Fortunately, the seafood chain is working hard to address the issues and ensure that customers can once again take advantage of this great deal.