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“Trouble in the House: George Santos Expelled—What’s Next?

George Santos, a long-term representative of a house district in California, has been recently expelled from his office. This unexpected outcome followed the office’s investigations regarding some financial backroom deals that Santos was involved in. The financial scandal has put into question who should take up the vacated seat. Although a new representative can be appointed through a special election, some are calling for a proper and proper legal process to take place first. First, the California Attorney General has issued an indictment against George Santos, restoring the office’s interest in the matter. This may include the possibility of revoking his membership of the state legislation. Second, the House District’s Democratic party powers will need to decide on the course of action. With or without a new election, they will need to decide how to fill the place of George Santos and who should take his seat. One possible outcome is that a new special election could be held for the House District seat. This process, however, could be costly for the state. Still, it would follow all of the necessary rules of conduct for new representatives-elections. If this proves to be a viable option, the party will most likely pursue it. Otherwise, the party could resort to a nomination process to pick a worthwhile successor. Responsible citizens who can fill the role can submit themselves, with the party deciding whom to send to the office. In any case, the primary focus of the community remains on George Santos. Although his political career seems to be over, many are wondering where his potentials will take him next. If his trial continues, it will be interesting to find out what happens and what consequences he will face. Regardless, the case will undoubtedly lead to a change in the House District. The only question left is when, how and who will fill the seat in George Santos’ stead. Ultimately, it is up to the public to decide and remain vigilant in the name of justice and good governance.