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Investigate Now! 85 Lives Lost: Nigeria’s President Demands Action After Drone Attack

Nigeria’s President Calls for Investigation After 85 Civilians Killed in Drone Attack Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari has called for an investigation into a deadly drone attack that has left 85 civilians dead. The attack took place in a village near the northern town of Gubio, located close to the border with Niger. This attack follows weeks of increased violence in the region, with clashes between Nigerian military forces and assailants from the Boko Haram militants group. The group had been launching regular suicide attacks in the area, resulting in numerous civilian casualties. The Nigerian Army has reported that the drones were targeting the militants and not civilians. However, local witnesses have reported that the drones opened fire over a crowd of people and not militants. The dead were mainly women and children. President Buhari has condemned the attack and ordered an investigation into the circumstances surrounding it. He expressed his sorrow and condolences to the families and victims of the attack, and reaffirmed his commitment to bringing cThe National Human Rights Commission to investigate the attack and the negligence of Nigerian forces in providing protection to civilians. This tragedy is a reminder of the importance of protecting civilian populations from deadly attacks. It raises the urgent need for Nigeria to put in place appropriate civilian protection measures and a response mechanism in times of conflict. The incident has cast doubts on the effectiveness of Nigeria’s security forces to respond promptly to threats from militants and other armed groups. It is also an opportunity for the Nigerian government to take appropriate measures to protect innocent civilians from further violence, such as improving the capacity of the security forces, advancing measures to protect civilians and ensuring access to justice. This attack has brought attention to the ongoing conflict in Nigeria and the devastating humanitarian consequences of violence in the region. It is a reminder of the importance of finding lasting solutions to put an end to the conflict and ensure the protection of civilians.