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“Fiery Sparring: Top 5 Moments From the Explosive Republican Debate in Alabama

The most recent Republican presidential debate which was held in Alabama was full of fire and brimstone, as the six candidates vying for the GOP nomination tried to out-do one another in an effort to make an impression on voters. The debate hosted a variety of issues that ranged from healthcare to immigration, and the candidates were not afraid to go head-to-head with each other in order to promote their platforms and policies. Despite the serious topics, personal jabs and name-calling between the candidates gave viewers one of their most memorable moments of the night. The debate itself began with a few feisty exchanges between Donald Trump and Ben Carson over their respective tax plans, with Trump accusing Carson of not having done his “homework” on the matter. This prompted a heated back-and-forth between the two candidates, with fellow contenders Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee attempting to intervene in order to calm the two down. It was not until Marco Rubio derided Trump for “knowing nothing about taxes” that name-calling and personal jabs started flying. Trump was quick to respond, calling Rubio “totally inexperienced” and “weak” on immigration. This prompted a highly agitated Rubio to call Trump a “con-artist” and accuse him of making false promises. Trump, however, remained calm and shot back at Rubio by stating that he had “no knowledge” of how to fix the economy. Things only got worse from here as Ted Cruz and Trump were involved in an acrimonious spat over the Affordable Care Act. Cruz accused Trump of not understanding the healthcare debate, while Trump responded by asking Cruz, “Can you comprehend it?” The two candidates continued to hurl insults back and forth until the moderators stepped in. The impetus of the debate between the candidatess seemed to be personal jabs and name-calling, with the candidates going as far as to brand each other as politicians of “the same old status quo” or “con artists”. Personal attacks seem to be the only way for these candidates to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. Regardless, despite the heated exchanges, one thing is certain: the Republican presidential debate in Alabama has become one of the most talked about political debates in recent memory.