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McDonald’s Ambitious Goal: 9,000+ Restaurants, 100 Million Loyalty Members by 2027

McDonald’s, the world’s largest restaurant chain, is aiming to open nearly 9,000 new restaurants and add 100 million loyalty members by 2027. This major strategic move, which was announced on Tuesday, is expected to drive growth and create more than 250,000 jobs in the company’s outposts around the world. The company has already accelerated its growth in the past two years. This journey has seen it open over 10000 new outlets and reach a market presence of 37,855 restaurants in over 118 countries. That figure is set to grow significantly with this announcement. While new store openings in the United States and Europe will remain high on the agenda, the major focus of the expansion remains the international markets. In 2019, the company planned to roll out more than 400 new restaurants in countries like China, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea and Turkey. McDonald’s has also launched a new global loyalty program in 2020 in an effort to garner and retain customers. The mobile app was designed to offer additional convenience and value to the customers. This includes custom menus, discounts, rewards, exclusive offers and more. The goal of the initiative is to add 100 million new members to the loyalty program by 2027. This move is expected to help McDonald’s tap into the delivery and takeaway markets which are showing rapid growth in 2020. It also marks a shift towards digital customer engagement. The growth of McDonald’s loyalty program will allow it to gain deeper insights into customer preferences and trends. As for the restaurant expansion plans, McDonald’s plans to maximize its profitability by focusing on the right locations and customer segments. It also aims to further improve its operational efficiency by utilizing advanced analytics and technology. One thing is for sure – the current expansion and loyalty program launch indicates that McDonald’s isn’t done reinventing itself. The company is constantly evolving to meet changing consumer demands and stay relevant in a fiercely competitive market. With the plans in place, all we have to do is wait until 2027 and see the results.