“Avoiding Deadly Crash Rates: Companies Reassess Stunt Driving Ads

In recent years, the US has seen a steady increase in car crash-related deaths. This rise in fatalities is becoming a concern as more and more companies are being accused of “irresponsible” stunt driving in their commercial advertisements. As car accident fatalities across the US continue to increase, the conversation surrounding the accountability of car companies has started to heat up. In particular, companies are being called out for their “irresponsible” stunt driving in their commercials. Stunt driving, which is when someone performs dangerous and impressive maneuvers with a car, has been a widely used tactic for car companies in the past. Yet, as car crash-related deaths continue to rise, many are questioning if companies should be allowed to use stunt driving in their ads. It’s no surprise that many are worried that stunt driving has the potential to desensitize viewers to the risks of car crashes. According to a recent study, the message that stunt driving sends in general is that “it’s cool to drive erratically and fast” which, if taken too far, could increase the number of car crashes even further. On the other hand, there are those who argue that car companies using stunt driving to promote their cars is, in fact, “safe and responsible”. Regardless, car companies should willingly take responsibility for the messages they are sending. As the number of car crash-related deaths continues to rise, it’s important for companies to acknowledge that their “stunt driving” messaging could be having a negative effect on the public. If companies want to continue to use stunt driving in their advertisements, they must take steps to ensure that viewers are not taking the dangerous risks they are seeing in the commercials. In conclusion, the rise in car crash-related deaths is a concerning issue and companies should be held accountable for the messages their stunts are portraying. If companies plan to continue to use stunt driving, they must ensure that their commercial messages are responsible and don’t encourage viewers to take dangerous risks while driving. Until then, companies should take a stand and rethink their approach to using stunt driving in their advertisements.