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“Costco’s Golden Opportunity: Over $100 Million in Gold Bars Sold Last Quarter!

As the world’s largest retailer, Costco has taken the initiative to diversify its product lineup beyond consumer staples like food and household items. In a move that has perplexed some investors, the chain announced that it sold over 100 million in gold bars last quarter. This demand for gold bars has come as a surprise considering the current economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Many investors are wary of any risky investment during this time, which includes holding onto physical gold. Despite this, Costco’s sales numbers are indicative of a larger trend towards long-term gold investments as a way to hedge against uncertain times. In addition to sales of gold bars, Costco has also rolled out gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and gold-backed savings accounts in order to further tap into the growing gold market. ETFs are similar to other traditional investments that can be bought and sold on stock exchanges, while gold-backed savings accounts are a safe way to save and accumulate gold without the need to physically store it. Both of these new services appeal to a wider audience, including those who do not want to take on the risk of physical gold ownership. Costco’s decision to diversify into gold is reflective of the current economic uncertainty, and acknowledges the increased demand for gold that investors are experiencing. With over 100 million in gold bar sales last quarter alone, it is clear that Costco is well-positioned to capitalize on the gold market. As the future remains uncertain, investors are turning to gold and other precious metals as a way to hedge against risk and preserve their financial security.