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Kellyanne Conway Leads the Charge to Revisit GOP Abortion Strategy and End Dem’s 2024 Advantage

Kellyanne Conway, a former advisor to former President Donald Trump, is leading the charge to reform the GOP’s stance on abortion rights. She’s rallying Republican lawmakers to back an ambitious abortion policy that she believes will level the playing field between Republicans and Democrats in the 2024 election. Conway is focusing her efforts on accommodating shifting public opinion on abortion and seeking legislative strategies to bridge the gap between conservative and liberal positions. She’s convening meetings with faith leaders, business and nonprofit executives, elected Republicans, and other abortion rights advocates to push a new policy agenda. “We have an opportunity to build a new coalition on abortion by focusing on consensus areas like parental notification, informed consent, and the coordination of care between patients and physicians,” Conway said in an interview. The policy platform Conway is proposing takes a nuanced approach to the abortion issue, incorporating a variety of conservative and liberal viewpoints. For instance, she proposes allowing exemptions for vulnerable populations and patients in difficult circumstances, such as victims of rape and incest, and introducing ‘women’s wellness centers’ that offer a variety of resources in addition to abortion services. The aim is to galvanize support among both conservatives and moderates and ensure that the GOP doesn’t cede too much ground to the Democrats on the issue. Conway is also encouraging GOP lawmakers to look beyond the abortion debate and focus on broader pro-life initiatives that emphasize the importance of reducing unintended pregnancies and increased medical access for low-income Americans. “We are not changing our principles,” she said. “We are changing our tactics.” The former White House advisor believes that her proposed overhaul of the GOP’s stance on abortion will give the Republican Party a much-needed advantage in the 2024 election, and give voters an opportunity to pick a candidate who will represent a true “middle of the road” perspective. It remains to be seen if Conway’s efforts will be successful, but her ambition to bridge the partisan divide around a complex, divisive issue is a welcome development.