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Harnessing Passing Cars’ Power: This Tiny Turbine Can!

It’s no secret that the world is facing global warming and the harmful effects of fossil fuels. To offset this, innovators are continuously working on alternative sources of energy that are cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable. One such innovation comes in the form of a small turbine that has the potential to harness the power of passing cars. This turbine, created by the American company Lode Wind, works by collecting the air pressure produced by cars and converting it into usable energy. The device, which is about the size of a basketball, is equipped with a fan that quickly spins when a car passes by. This creates a mini-turbine, which is then connected to a generator to produce electricity. This electricity can then be used to power up anything from devices to buildings. The best part is that this technology is totally green and renewable since it simply exploits the existing energy of nature – wind. The company says that the turbine can generate enough electricity to power up a home for 24 hours, and its technology can be integrated into existing structures such as roads, bridges, and even sidewalks. The turbine is also cost-effective, since it requires no fuel and only needs regular maintenance. Lode Wind’s turbine could revolutionize the way energy is harvested from passing cars. The company is currently working on a larger version of the turbine that can capture the energy created by larger vehicles, such as trucks and buses. With this device, the world could become more conscious of its energy consumption while also reducing the emission of greenhouse gasses. If it all works as planned, this turbine could become a major part of the world’s shift to clean energy. It sure looks like a bright future is ahead of us, after all.