“Republican Rivals Unite Behind Trump: The White House Ballot Battle

The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has reportedly been the subject of unexpected support from some of his Republican White House rivals. Despite their previous rivalry during their campaigns for the Presidential election in 2016, these Republicans have seemingly united behind the former President in his ballot battle against President Joe Biden. This move of solidarity is unexpected since Trump was criticized by fellow Republicans like Ted Cruz, who fought a hard-fought electoral battle against him. Despite this, many Republicans have backed Trump’s efforts to contest the results of the 2020 Presidential election. This includes Senator Cruz and Senator Lindsey Graham, who have urged fellow Republicans to support Trump’s call for an investigation of election fraud. However, this move has not been without its critics. Many Democrats have accused the Republicans of doing the former President’s bidding rather than sticking to their constitutional duty of protecting the integrity of the electoral process. Democrats feel that the public’s trust in the electoral system is being threatened by such public shows of support for Trump’s campaign. Overall, the move of some of the Republican White House rivals to come together in support of the former President is a surprising one. Though their support is likely to be met with criticism, these Republicans firmly believe that it is their duty to scrutinize the election process, instead of accepting the results as certain. Whichever way the saga pans out, one thing is certainly certain; the Republican Party is still divided in its loyalties to President Trump.