“Biden’s Home State Democrats Ditching Party in Droves: Voter Data Explains All!

As Joe Biden eases into his presidency, one might expect that his Democratic ties would unify the citizens of his home state of Delaware and create a unified Democratic front. However, recent data has revealed that may not be the case in the long run. According to voter registration data released by the State of Delaware, the Republican Party has been the main beneficiary of party switches in the state since Biden’s election. Since November 2020, nearly ten-thousand Delawareans have switched their registration from Democratic to Republican, while only 3,800 have made the opposite switch. The primary reasons for the migration seem to be dissatisfaction with both the Biden/Harris administration and an increasingly progressive Democratic Party. From Delawareans like Anthony Gray, a retired teacher, who explained that he “felt like the Democratic Party left him” to independent voter Nicole Lewis, who described her reasoning as stemming from “social issues being forced on people by the Democratic party,” many of those switching to the GOP have voiced their unhappiness with the direction of the progressive Democratic party. Overall, Delawaran’s switching allegiances from the Democratic party to the Republican party does not come as a surprise. Many citizens of the state have been openly questioning Biden’s policies and pushing back against the progressive movement. This surge of independent-minded voters leaving the Democratic Party follows a similar trend from the 2018 mid-term elections, as well as other 2020 elections in other states. It is still too early to say what lasting impacts election switching and defection from one party to the other will have on the 2022 midterm elections in Delaware, or on the national political landscape as a whole. However, the data has certainly been an eye-opening reminder of how quickly public opinion can shift—and of how quickly elected officials must adjust if they hope to maintain their constituents’ support.