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“Court Overturns Ban: Apple Watch to Remain on the Market!

Apple Watch Ban Halted By Appeals Court The Apple Watch has been in the news lately as the Cupertino-based giant has faced a ban on certain models of the device in California. The ban was imposed due to a lawsuit filed by a small engineering firm, which alleged that the Apple Watch deliberately infringed on their patents. However, the company has recently been given a reprieve due to the ruling of a California appeals court. According to the court, the engineering firm had failed to demonstrate that Apple’s products had caused substantial damage to them. This means that the ban has been halved, and the Apple Watch can now remain on the shelves in the state. The lawsuit was brought by the engineering company, who claimed that two patents they had were being violated by the Apple Watch. They sought to prevent Apple from selling the device in California, along with the payment of damages for any losses they had suffered due to the alleged infringement. The appeals court, however, found no evidence of financial losses being suffered by the engineering firm. The court wrote in their decision that, “there is no reasonable showing of imminent financial injury in this case”, noting that the company had failed to demonstrate the amount of damage they had incurred due to the alleged patent infringement. This ruling is highly favorable for Apple, as the ban was set to prevent the company’s flagship product from being sold in the state. This could have had a significant impact on the company’s revenue and further tarnish their reputation. The company is now relieved that the court’s decision has ensured the resumption of sales in California. The California appeals court has ruled that the engineering firm failed to demonstrate sufficient financial losses and so the ban on the Apple Watch has been lifted. This is a significant relief for Apple and consumers alike, as the popular device can once more be purchased in the state. With this ruling, it appears that the clouds of legal trouble have finally begun to disperse for Apple.