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“Glimmer of Hope: Gaza Border Reopens at Israeli Jewish Seminary After Terror Attack

The yeshiva (Jewish seminary) located on the Israel-Gaza border has recently reopened after a devastating terrorist attack conducted by Hamas left three dead and several others wounded in November. The yeshiva in question, Rav&ris, is located in a small, 400-person village in Israel, Sderot. The yeshiva provides a haven of peace and study for Orthodox Jewish students. After an exchange of fire between the Israeli Defense Forces and Hamas terrorists, the yeshiva was forcibly shut down. For two weeks, the school operated on a skeleton staff, with only essential staff members on campus in order to keep the students safe. Now, however, the school is back in full operation. Though Sderot was the epicenter of the terror attack, Rav&ris and its students were largely unscathed, and their experience was more one of confusion than terror. The school has weathered many trials and tribulations since it was founded in the 1970s. During the 2008-09 Gaza war it was directly shelled, and the damage it suffered led to the school being shut down for over two months until it was rebuilt. The staff of Rav&ris have done a wonderful job of keeping their students safe. The physical conditions on the campus are secure, and the philosophy of the school encourages students to pursue both their religious and intellectual pursuits in “the spirit of peace and unity.” It is a testament to the school and its staff that despite the periodic hardships, Rav&ris continues to thrive and provide a safe haven for Jewish students from the region. It is a glowing example of how even in the face of great adversity, faith can prevail and peace is possible.