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“Nikki Haley Unveils Ey-Opening Revelation: Civil War Proclaimed Individual Freedom as ‘The Lesson’

Nikki Haley Clarifies Civil War Was About Slavery and Individual Freedom Was the Lesson Former ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley recently spoke out about the Civil War and made it clear that the war was over slavery and that the outcome of the war should be seen as a lesson in individual freedom and not anything else. Haley was speaking at the annual meeting of the National Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC and she said that the Civil War “wasn’t a compromise. It was a victory for the Union and the defeat of slavery.” She noted that the South fought hard for the right to keep slavery, and that the Union army fought “for the freedom of all men, regardless of color.” She added that “Individual freedom was the lesson. That we should be free to think and act for ourselves. That our rights should be secured by the law, regardless of skin color.” The former Ambassador’s comments come amid ongoing debate about the history of the Civil War and its legacy. Last year, a panel of historians convened by the Virginia Historical Society found that, while the Confederacy had declared its secession largely for the purpose of keeping slavery in place, many Southerners believed they were defending states’ rights and not committing treason. This debate continues today among historians and is often seen through the lens of either individual freedom or regional loyalty and tribalism. Of course, for many people of color, the issue of slavery still carries trauma even 150 years later. That’s why it’s important that figures like Nikki Haley, who have the platform and power to impact the national discussion on the Civil War, are speaking up and reminding us all that the real issue was slavery and that individual freedom is the true lesson of the Civil War.