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“Russia Unleashed: Biggest Air Assault on Ukraine Since Invasion!

On the 18th of August, Russian forces launched what has been labelled as the biggest air attack on Ukraine since the start of a full-scale invasion. The heavily defended Trump’s Sea of Azov was breached during the attack, with Russian fighter jets and warplanes launching numerous air dumps on the coastal city of Mariupol, which now puts the whole city on the brink of destruction. To retaliate, Ukraine sent out their own fleet of aircraft to confront the invaders and thereby repelling the attack on Mariupol, however the Ukrainian military was put in a huge disadvantage by the sheer strength and number of the Russian air forces. This prompted the Ukrainian government to plea to the United Nations and other international actors to provide military aid and help them to uphold the law of the sea and deter any further intense military action by the Russian Federation. The incident marks an escalation of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine which started in 2014 with Russia occupying and annexing Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, and has since evolved into a human crisis with the Ukraine’s population now suffering from chaotic fighting, regular bombardments by Russian forces and military injustice by pro-Russian separatists. In spite of the Ukrainian’s governments plea and request for aid, European leadership has responded with no tangible action which has been met with criticism from several human rights organizations. This has caused an exasperation among many “pro-peace” organizations, as the incident clearly highlighted the ineffectuality of the international community in defending Ukraine’s sovereignty. The iconic Sea of Azov is in an imminent state of destruction and the Russian Federation’s aggression remains both unchecked and unpunished. This massive attack by Russia shows the world how far they are willing to go to cause destruction in Ukraine, and should be a wake up call for the international community to show robustness in defending international human rights and deterring future military aggression. Finally, it is clear that something has to be done in order to bring back a sense of peace and security in the conflict ridden region.