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“Say Goodbye to Commercials with Amazon Prime Video’s $2.99 Upgrade!

For years, Amazon Prime Video has been a popular choice for streaming television shows and movies, providing subscribers access to entertainment content on-demand. But the service’s viewers may be in for a surprise in January 2021 – an extra charge for ad-free viewing. According to reports, Amazon Prime Video will begin charging an additional fee to viewers who wish to avoid ads when streaming. Starting in January, subscribers will have to pay an additional fee of $2.99 per month if they want an ad-free experience. Amazon says the new fee will apply to “select titles” that are supported by advertising. The service says the new charges were needed to help cover rising licensing costs for premium content. The news comes just days after Amazon announced its new Amazon Prime Video Sports package, which will allow viewers to stream exclusive sports content without ads. The $2.99 ad-free charge will cover the cost of the Sports package. The new fee has not been met with universal praise, with some viewers feeling that the extra cost could make them more likely to cancel their subscription to Amazon Prime Video. Other viewers have pointed out that even without the extra cost, Amazon Prime Video still charges more than competitors like Netflix and Hulu. Overall, the introduction of an ad-free fee isn’t exactly welcome news for Amazon Prime Video viewers, and some may feel unpleasant about the extra cost. But with the new sports package and the increasing costs of streaming content, Amazon’s decision isn’t entirely surprising.