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2023 Breaks: Biden’s Stakes for China, Russia, and the Middle East

As Joe Biden enters his third year of presidency in 2023, he will face many obstacles in foreign policy. In particular, Biden will be presented with the challenges of dealing with the increasing tensions between China and Russia, while also attempting to quell the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East. With all of these issues, Biden has his work cut out for him in his remaining years in office. The continued increase in tensions between China and Russia is sure to be the biggest foreign policy issue for Biden in 2023. China is becoming increasingly aggressive in the South China Sea, and has already militarized a number of disputed islands. This has further escalated the tensions between the two countries as both sides are determined to flex their muscles in the hopes of asserting their regional influence. Russia, meanwhile, is also beefing up its military presence in the region, and the Biden administration will have to carefully consider its responses lest it be drawn into a full-blown confrontation with two of the world’s most powerful nations. The Middle East is another hot spot that Biden will likely grapple with during 2023. The long-standing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians has been reignited under the Trump administration, and with the international community increasingly taking sides, the Biden Administration will have to take a different approach to the issue if it is to bring both sides to the negotiating table. This will require good diplomatic skills and the utilization of back-channel discussions, rather than a more confrontational approach. Finally, Biden will have to address the ongoing instability in the Middle East. The civil war in Syria has raged on for years, while the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq shows little sign of slowing down. The Biden Administration will have to carefully consider its approach in each of these countries if it is to bring peace and stability to the region. Overall, Joe Biden’s third year in office will be filled with many challenges in foreign policy. From navigating the strained relations between China and Russia, to finding solutions to quell the violence in the Middle East, Biden will face a wide array of difficult problems. If he is successful, however, his legacy as an international statesman will be secure.