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“California Drivers Unstoppable: No Traffic Tickets for Driverless Cars!

In recent years, the emergence of driverless cars has been a hot topic of discussion across the world. As the technology advances, more and more states are beginning to consider potential regulations surrounding the usage of them. California is particularly noteworthy, as the state is making strides in allowing driverless cars to operate legally on their roads. Under current law, the California Department of Motor Vehicles permits companies to conduct various tests on roads in the state, as long as the driverless vehicles are equipped with the necessary safety features and comply with rules established by the regulator. Current guidelines also state that drivers of any driverless cars must have the appropriate license and stay alert to prevent any accidents. The most interesting thing about the legal framework put into place by California is that companies and individuals who develop driverless cars are immune to traffic tickets caused by these vehicles. This goes against the commonly accepted notion that those who break the law are held accountable for their actions. At the same time, the law also allows for traffic infractions committed by driverless cars to be reported to the automaker, who will then be required to make changes in order to avoid future problems. This makes sense from the perspective of improving the safety of driverless cars in California, as the existing laws offer important protections for all road users. Clearly, the law enacted in California regarding driverless cars is comprehensive and provides for an effective regulatory framework. It will be interesting to see what other states follow suit in order to further legitimize the use of autonomous vehicles on our roads. Only time will tell what the future holds.