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Putin Wants the World to Know: Victory by 2023!

As 2023 Draws to a Close, Putin Wants the World to Think He Is Winning The year 2023 marks 17 years since Vladimir Putin came to power in Russia, with the promise of modernizing and strengthening the country. With that goal in mind, he has pushed for a reset of the country’s economy, politics, and social agenda. By the end of 2023, Putin will have guided the country through two presidential terms, and is expected to pursue a third term of office. With this in mind, it is clear that Putin is eager to ensure his reign of power is seen as a success, both at home and abroad. One way that the Russian President is achieving that goal is through a robust and muscular foreign policy. Putin has taken a hard stance on a range of international issues such as Syria, Ukraine, election meddling, and the poisoning of opposition voices. This has sent a clear message to the world that Russia is a power to be reckoned with and is not to be trifled with. The other way Putin has conducted himself throughout his time in power is with a growth in domestic stability and order. Russia’s economy, which was at a low in the late 1990s, has been buoyed through growth in energy revenues and has led to sustained economic prosperity. Furthermore, although opposition figures have periodically attempted to challenge the government, the nation’s political opponents have been effectively neutralized. Finally, Putin has made a concerted effort to consolidate his grip on power. For example, despite constitutional limits on the length of time a President can be in office, Putin engineered a change in the constitution that would effectively allow him to stay in power indefinitely. In addition, Putin has tightened control over media outlets and other traditional sources of public opinion. With 2023 drawing close, Putin is keenly aware that the world is watching to see if he has been a ‘winner’ as leader of Russia. He has done all he can to ensure that he leaves a strong legacy, but the ultimate verdict will be determined by history. In conclusion, while 2023 is likely to be very much on Putin’s mind, it is clear that he is determined to ensure that he is remembered as a successful leader. Through his single-minded focus, Putin has managed to ensure that Russia remains one of the superpowers of the international scene and is prepared to stand toe-to-toe with any rival. It is this legacy that Putin will be seeking to build on in the years to come.