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Ring in the New Year: A Global Journey!

The start of 2021 marks the beginning of a new chapter for the world, and presents an opportunity for travelers to explore new locales and new cultures. As we ring in the new year, it is interesting to note how the rest of the world celebrates the dawn of this opportunity. From the cultural array of the East to the rugged landscapes of the West, here’s a tour of 10 of the most unique and interesting places celebrating the start of 2021. 1. Sydney, Australia: Sydney hosts one of the world’s largest fireworks displays every New Year’s Eve. For this reason, it is often regarded as one of the best places to go if you want to make sure you catch a glimpse of the beauty and wonders of a vibrant fireworks show. The stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge decked up in sparkling colors and accompanied by the spectacular views of the skyline is hard to miss. 2. San Francisco, USA: Regardless of the pandemic, San Francisco continues to be one of the most vibrant cities in the USA. This New Year’s Eve, the city lights up as participants enjoy the live music, dance, and activities put together by local non-profits. The historic Embarcadero waterfront presents the perfect chance to indulge in a romantic evening of fireworks and fun. 3. Edinburgh, Scotland: Edinburgh makes for one of the most culturally-rich pieces of the world map; steeped in a long-history, the city offers more than just an outstanding show of fireworks and bagpipes. Festivities organized by the local Hispanic American Cultural Association in honor of 2021 include live musical performances, art exhibitions, interactive story-telling, and a chance to witness the modern Ballet Europe. 4. Cape Town, South Africa: For 2021, the celebrations in CPT promise to be unique and unforgettable. From an open-air theater hosting independent Cape Town jazz, to a breathtaking five-hour countdown with fire dancers, beach barbecue, and spectacular fireworks, the celebrations here guarantees to be a defining moment. 5. Tokyo, Japan: On New Year’s Eve the people of Tokyo gather at the Zojoji Temple and celebrate with new year’s prayers. Hundreds of thousands of lanterns are lit and offers one of the most awe-inspiring sights in the night’s sky of Tokyo. Afterward, the majority of the population returns home to eat mochi rice cakes, a traditional New Year’s food, and to enjoy the the Josean (12 o’clock) TV broadcast, an annual event watched by the entire nation. 6. Amsterdam, Netherlands: For the new year, the city of Amsterdam hosts a five-day New Year’s celebration called ‘Suikerfeest’. Activities include a light show, street performances, dynamic showcases of the country’s rich culture combined with live music, and a delectable display of typical Dutch cuisine. 7. Rio de Janeirio, Brazil: Rio de Janeirio celebrates the festivities with its traditional “Reveillon” celebration, the name derived from “réveillon” or “night awakening”. Participate in the tabletop soccer and capoeira competitions, or simply soak in the lively atmosphere along with the vibrant street-life. Also, don’t miss out on the spectacular fireworks show that lights up the sky above the city. 8. Vienna, Austria: Experience the ultimate classic New Year’s celebration in Vienna and witness the grandeur of its historic city center. Visit the Vienna State Opera or try the city’s signature schnitzel before joining locals and visitors alike to enjoy a stunning firework performance at midnight. 9. Hong Kong, China: Celebrations in Hong Kong feature a breathtaking fireworks show from both the city’s famous skyline and the renowned Victoria Harbour. Join in both the traditional and modern celebrations such as a series of religious rituals, or take part in the parade of dynamic floats and delightful costumes. 10. London, England: One of the most exciting aspects of New Year’s in London is the Big Ben Chimes at midnight, giving visitors and locals the chance to celebrate in spectacular fashion. This year promises to be special too, with the option to enjoy the fireworks along the London Eye, South Bank and Millennium Bridge. Celebrating the start of 2021 at any of these destinations is sure to leave travelers with a memorable experience. From live music and parades to fireworks and religious ceremonies, there’s something for everyone. With the dawn of the new year comes a world of possibilities, make sure your celebrations are the perfect representation of the exciting year ahead. Happy New Year!