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“2020 Debacle: Democrats Need a Backup Plan for 2024

2020 was certainly an election year to remember, as Democrat hopefuls Joe Biden and Kamala Harris pulled off a historic sweep of the White House and Congress. Many polls leading up to the election projected a Biden victory, but the margins of victory in several swing states surprised even the most optimistic of Democrats. However, recent polls show that the enthusiasm for the Biden-Harris administration has cooled off significantly, with approval ratings waning for both Biden and Harris. These polls point to the fact that the Democrats will have to work hard to ensure that they can maintain their momentum and sustain their successes in the 2022 and 2024 election cycles. To this end, it appears that the Democrats need to come up with a backup plan for 2024, even if it is early to speculate. This could include encouraging more well-known or popular Democrats to enter the race and to engage with the city, state, and federal levels. After all, competition fuels unity and political enthusiasm and can help to move people away from even temporary support of the GOP. Another key element for successful future elections is frequent and visible engagement with the public at all levels. As seen in this year’s election, grassroots campaigning and grassroots engagement can help provide a major boost when competing for the support of the public. Finally, the Democratic party should consider investing more in party infrastructure and education to ensure that potential new voters, including young people, are able to understand the issues and the party’s positions on those issues clearly. Overall, with this election being a clear sign that the party’s current strategies have been working, but in light of recent polls suggesting that their popularity is slipping, the Democrats should use this time to come up with a backup plan so that they will be ready to compete and win in the 2022 and 2024 elections.