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“Poland revs up flyover defense as Russia blitzes Ukraine

Poland has been put on alert as reports of Russian missile strikes against Ukraine escalate. The Polish Air Force has activated fighter jets to monitor and protect its airspace, as tensions on the international stage continue to mount. The Polish Air Force, or” Siły Powietrzne Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej” (SPRP), consists of several branches, the most notable of which is the Polish Air Force Command. According to the Polish Ministry of Defence, this command has been activated and has deployed fighter jets and other military aircraft in response to the threat of Russian aggression. The fighter jets are patrolling the Polish airspace and have been given orders to protect it against foreign forces. These measures come at a time when the conflict between Ukraine and Russia has reached a fever pitch, with the latter sending multiple missile strikes into Ukrainian territory. Russian President Vladimir Putin has supported the separatist groups in Eastern Ukraine, while Ukraine has accused Russia of sending weapons, troops, and money into the region. The situation has caused further tensions between the two countries, ratcheting up fears of a wider international conflict. The recent Ukrainian conflict has been followed closely in Poland, due to its close proximity to the eastern European country. The SPRP has a long-standing mutual defense treaty with Ukraine, and Poland’s Prime Minister has already said that the country is ready to defend its neighbor. The Polish Air Force’s activation is a sign of the seriousness with which the Polish government is treating the situation, and is a strong indication that Poland is ready to act in the event of further Russian aggression. The Russian government, however, is playing down the tension between the two countries. Putin has stated that he does not believe that Russia is “looking to start a new Cold War”, and that any suggestion to the contrary is “baseless”. The situation remains tense, however, and as long as Russian missiles continue to penetrate Ukrainian airspace, the Polish Air Force will continue to monitor and protect its own.