Gov. Haley Joins Forces with CCP to Send SC Students to Beijing Summer Camp

In a bid to enhance the presence of South Carolina on the global stage, Governor Nikki Haley has announced that the state is joining forces with a China-based organization, the China International Friendship Exchange (CIFE), to send 20 high school students to Beijing this summer to participate in a special six-week summer camp. The camp will focus on developing their cultural, social, and academic understanding of the world. The move has been hailed as a great step forward for South Carolina, allowing the state to build stronger ties with China and its people. Governor Haley has personally praised the partnership, calling it “a real investment in the future of our young people – a future where our state will be even more engaged in the vibrant global economy.” The groups of students, selected from across South Carolina, will spend five weeks engaging in studies, community service, language training, and cultural exchange. They will also explore China’s history and customs in depth, while visiting landmarks, monuments, and culturally significant sites. The trip is being facilitated through the CIFE, which was founded in 2008 by the Chinese Ministry of Education and the State Council Information Office. It works to promote international friendship and cooperation between China and other countries, teaching students about China’s history, language, and culture, and helping to bridge the cultural divide between China and the world. For some of the students, this will be their first time abroad, a nerve-wracking but exciting experience. For others, it will be a valuable opportunity to hone their language and cultural skills and gain a better understanding of the global economy and international affairs. All of the students will come away with a much greater degree of understanding of China and its place on the global stage. The trip is a great example of South Carolina’s commitment to strong global partnerships and its belief in the importance of international education. By sending students abroad, Governor Haley is giving them access to a wealth of future opportunities and a much greater appreciation for the importance of international relationships.