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Deadly Double Explosions Strike Near Grave of Iranian General

Yesterday afternoon, two massive blasts were reported near the town of Kerman, Iran, where the late Iranian military commander, Qassem Soleimani, was laid to rest last week. The powerful blasts caused countless deaths and injuries and instantly set the nation of Iran into a state of panic and confusion. The exact cause of the explosions has yet to be determined, though several sources are pointing at a possible attack orchestrated by a terror group. An official statement from the Iranian government is yet to be released, but reports suggest that they are treating the explosions as a potential act of terrorism. Witnesses on the ground reported that the blasts originated from an unknown vehicle driving into a crowd of people gathered outside the tomb of Soleimani. There was considerable destruction to the area, including shattered windows, damaged buildings, and a large number of casualties. This latest tragedy comes at a particularly sensitive time, only a few days following Soleimani’s funeral and the subsequent burial of his remains. The nation of Iran has been grieving the loss of one of their most recognizable leaders in recent time, and this attack, if it is in fact an act of terrorism, is a terrible and heartless reminder of the harsh reality of what terror can do. Some reports suggest that the attack may have been organized by foreign governments, seeking to send a message to the people of Iran. If this is the case, it is a sickening reminder of the power of terror, and a stark reminder of the dangers of living in a world of unrest and turmoil. There are no words for the sorrow and sadness this incident has brought to the Iranian people, and our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims of this latest tragedy. We hope that justice is served for those affected, and that this violent act will not cast a dark shadow over the Iranian people for any longer than it needs to.