“House GOP Majority Shrinking: Government Shutdown Showdown Looming!

The Republican House majority has been steadily shrinking since the November 2020 elections, and it looks like it could shrink even further in time for a potential government shutdown showdown. As of last week, Democrats had taken control of 219 House seats, two fewer than the 218 needed for a majority. With the recent news that two Republican Ohio seats are likely to flip to Democrats, the number of Republicans in the House will drop to 213. This will mean that Democrats will have a working majority when it comes time to battle over government funding and the budget. The two seats in question are currently occupied by Representatives Steve Stivers and Troy Balderson, both of whom are retiring. In addition to these two seats, Democrats are also expected to pick up one additional seat in the special election for the seat of the late Representative John R. Lewis of Georgia. This could mean that, for the first time in more than a decade, the Republican Party will be in the minority in the House of Representatives. This is expected to have a major impact on the policy debates going on in Congress and will likely lead to a more progressive agenda with the liberal Democrats controlling the chamber. Democrats are hoping that this majority will give them the power to block any Republican legislation they oppose. This could mean a possible government shutdown if Democrats and Republicans are unable to agree on a funding bill. The last government shutdown was during the Obama administration when Republicans, then in the majority, refused to budge on their opposition to the Affordable Care Act. It is unclear if the Democrats will be able to use their majority to pass their own progressive agenda items. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has already indicated that she wants to pursue legislation to protect the Affordable Care Act, to raise the minimum wage, and to pass immigration reform. This could be a long and difficult fight for both parties. It is very likely that Democrats will face stiff opposition from a Republican minority determined to protect its policies. Regardless of the outcome, one thing is clear: the Republican Party is about to see its House majority disappear in time for a potential government shutdown showdown.