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“Red Sea Shipping Stops: Maersk Cuts Off Supply After Houthi Strike

In a major development, the world’s largest container shipping company, Maersk, has announced that they have temporarily halted shipping in the Red Sea until further notice. This follows a recent attack on one of their container ships by Houthi militants, a Shia rebel group fighting for control of Yemen.The militants were believed to have used a speedboat and rocket projectiles to target the Maersk cargo ship, which was transporting commercial goods from Saudi Arabia. According to the company, although none of the personnel or cargo was harmed in the attack, the safety of all personnel onboard is their main priority and they have decided to temporarily halt shipping activities in the Red Sea until further notice. The Marines and Coast Guard have reported increased activity from Houthi militants in the area, making it unsafe for commercial vessels to pass through. The disruption of shipping activities in the area comes at a time when global trade is already impacted by the Covid- 19 restrictions across the world. Any further disruption of trade, especially in the volatile Middle Eastern region, can have serious consequences on a global scale. In light of the recent attack, the US government has requested all its citizens to refrain from travelling by ship in the Red Sea and also urged shipping companies to take all the necessary safety precautions. Moreover, the US has deployed its naval forces in the region to protect international shipping activities and prevent further outbursts from Houthi militants. The Red Sea serves as a major trade route connecting two of the world’s biggest economies – Europe and the Middle East and any disruption can have major implications on their economic performance. For this reason, security in this region has become a top priority for the US and other world powers, and it is expected that further measures will be taken to ensure the safety of the sea lanes. The temporary halt in Red Sea shipping activities is a testament to the serious implications that such attacks can have on the global economy. It is hoped that the US and other world powers can find a way to restore normalcy in this important route and prevent any future attacks on commercial shipping vessels.