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Unveiling Biden-Blinken’s Solution to Combat the Houthi Terrorist Threat

Since the Houthis have been designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), the Biden-Blinken team will face the challenge of ensuring an effective response to this threat. The Houthi , also known as Ansar Allah, is a shiite-backed religious and political movement that emerged in Yemen’s northern al-Hudaydah and Sa’ada Governorates in 2004. Their primary goal is the overthrow of the Yemen government and the establishment of a ‘theocracy’ with a view to experiencing what they describe as ‘true justice’. The Biden-Blinken team has a number of tools available to them to address the threat posed by the Houthis. The US State Department could impose targeted sanctions on the group, with individuals accused of involvement in terrorism subject to travel bans and sanctions. This would send a clear message to the Houthis that their activities are not accepted and makes it harder for them to obtain funds to sustain their militant activities. At the same time, the Biden-Blinken team should consider diplomatic initiatives to push for a resolution in Yemen, including a bilateral ceasefire and a return to negotiations. This approach could be complemented by UN multi-lateral and regional efforts, such as those endorsed by the Arab League. Such a diplomatic approach would reduce the existence of terror activity by the Houthis, creating the conditions for a political solution to the enduring conflict. Finally, the US government could increase its support for local forces in Yemen, such as the predominately Sunni Arab coalition, which is fighting the Houthi threat. This would provide the coalition with the capability to better respond to threats posed by the Houthis. It would also create the conditions for the conflict to be more effectively managed at a local level. In conclusion, the Biden-Blinken team has a varied range of options available to respond to the growing threat posed by the Houthis. They should focus on a combination of economic, diplomatic and military actions that can be implemented to reduce the scope of the Houthi threat. If they get this right, we may see a resolution of the conflict in the not so distant future.