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“Say Goodbye! TGI Fridays Closing 36 Locations Across the US

TGI Friday’s, the famous American restaurant chain, recently announced that it is closing 36 of its underperforming location across the United States. According to the company, the affected locations have been reported to have lower than expected sales and profits. The affected locations include locations in such states as Colorado, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Georgia, Virginia, Indiana, and Maryland. Unfortunately, many of these locations are in rural areas, meaning that their closure will have an additional impact on local economies. In a statement, the company said that the closure of these locations had become unavoidable in the wake of its long-term financial difficulties. The move is apparently part of a larger plan to re-energize TGI Friday’s business after years of lackluster performance. In addition to the closure of underperforming locations, TGI Friday’s has also announced that it will be making changes to its menu in order to better suit customer tastes. The company is reportedly considering expanding its range of offerings to include more casual dining options as well as healthier dishes. In addition to these changes, TGI Friday’s has also indicated that it will be introducing a new loyalty program, which it hopes will be more effective at keeping customers loyal to the brand. While the specifics of this program have yet to be revealed, it is likely to involve discounts and other incentives for repeated customers. Overall, it seems that TGI Friday’s is making the right move by closing its underperforming locations and adjusting to better serve its customer. The company’s decision highlights the important of listening to customers and responding appropriately with changes that reflect their changing needs and tastes. Only time will tell if these changes are enough to help TGI Friday’s survive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.