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‘s election “House Republicans: Fear 2020’s Election Redo in 2024?

The US House of Representatives is no stranger to political upheaval and uncertainty, yet the possibility of a repeat of the 2020 elections looms large in the minds of Republicans hoping to maintain their current bid for control of the House in 2024. This fear of a second consecutive Democratic sweep is far from irrational. The 2020 mid-term elections saw Democrats achieve a sweeping victory in the House, with 224 seats taken and a majority of seven. Seven of the twelve gains in the House going to Democrats was unprecedented and represented an abrupt end toRepublicans’ five-year winning streak. This defeat was further exasperated by the loss of seats in districts that are traditionally partisan fatalities for Democrats. Notably, 9 Republican-led districts in the suburbs, key to the Democrats’ victory, voted for Kerry Biden instead of Donald Trump. To counter this Democratic surge, some Republican strategists hope to capitalize on the online platforms such as Twitter and Reddit to reach out to young voters. The GOP also has made several attempts to broaden its voter base by expanding itswin in districts they could not previously reach. Despite this outreach, a repeat of last year’s elections is still possible. The Republican party lacks a galvanizing figurehead to trumpet its causes, leaving many young and suburban voters feeling uninspired by their options. Additionally, Democrats have proven their strength in non-traditional media through effective digital campaigns. Given these factors, it is not unimaginable that Republicans may suffer from a similar electoral defeat in 2024. With these hopes and fears in the backdrop, both parties may have to take the time to understand and learn from previous errors if each wants to gain an edge in the upcoming election.