August 2021

Many Lithuanian politicians are embracing outright segregation of unvaccinated Lithuanians. Fortunately, many Lithuanians are resisting. This fight is not about opposing vaccines, but about protecting basic freedom of choice. Original Article: "Lithuania's Crackdown on the Unvaccinated" This Audio Mises Wire is generously

Eleven states ban happy hour. These laws restrict the sale of alcohol at discounted prices during specially designated times. Unfortunately, many citizens regard these backdoor price controls as perfectly legit. Original Article: "Happy Hour May Be Getting a Little Happier" This Audio

The “transitory” inflation swamping the country has stubbornly persisted into July.  Producer prices posted a second straight 1 percent month-over-month increase, which brought the full-year number to a record 7.8 percent. Twelve-month US export prices rose 17.2 percent, and nearly 22 percent