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“Biden Keeps Media Engagement Close with Influencers: Fewer Press Interviews, More Intimate Connections

The Biden administration has taken a somewhat unusual approach to garnering public support in its first hundred days. Unlike the Trump administration, which utilized the press regularly to communicate policies and provide insight into its activities, the Biden administration has instead opted to target influencers from various social media platforms in an effort to connect with the public. Since inauguration day in January, President Joe Biden has made fewer press interviews than any president in the past four decades. To date, he has held fewer than a dozen press conferences, making it clear early that he would prioritize new and different means of communication. To drive engagement and public opinion, the White House has directly reached out to YouTube and TikTok influencers to discuss the administration’s policy efforts. In a similar fashion, the White House has also invited athletes, actors, and other notable people to take part in virtual events that are designed to provide information about President Biden’s agenda. This effort has so far proven to be successful. By utilizing influencers to spread the message, the Biden administration is not only ensuring that its message reaches its intended audience, but also building relationships with young voters and inspiring them to become activists. It also demonstrates the president’s willingness to use modern means of communication as opposed to traditional ones. In addition to these initiatives, the Biden administration has also leaned into podcasts to spread its message. President Biden directly participated in a podcast to discuss the coronavirus and his commitment to racial justice, as well as the White House hosting several podcasts that focus on the issues Biden has prioritized since his election. Though some may question the administration’s choice to embrace this style of communication, the Biden administration’s decision to pursue influencer outreach and embrace podcasts have allowed them to further their agenda, engage with a broader audience, and build relationships with young voters. Regardless of if press conferences are to become more common in the future, President Joe Biden and the White House are making sure that their message is heard.