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Elon Musk’s X: Stripping the NY Times of Their Verification Badge!

Elon Musk has caused yet another stir in the media world; this time it is the New York Times that received the blow. His media-versatility platform, ‘X’, recently removed the New York Times from its platform. Created by tech mogul and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, X is a platform that allows its users to spot and verify news coverage. The platform was designed to limit the spread of fake news and provide users with the power to decide if their news consumption is real or not. The platform scrubbed the New York Times from their list of verified publishers. This eliminates the paper’s circulation on X entirely. The decision raised a few eyebrows in the media industry, especially since the New York Times has been one of the most trusted news sources for years. It has clocked in a high degree of credibility, online especially. Its presence on X, as one of the verified publishers, has helped the platform gain the trust of millions of internet users. The removal of the New York Times, on the other hand, is seen as an act of retaliation against the publication. This could be linked to the recent coverage by the paper which highlighted certain shortcomings in Musk’s businesses. It’s widely speculated that this could be the primary factor that drove Elon Musk to take this step. While the decision taken by Elon Musk may be controversial, it will go a long way to assure the readers of X, that its content is trustworthy. That being said, media outlets are not pleased with the move, and if this is indeed an act of retaliation, then it could further deteriorate the ties between Elon Musk and the media. Only time will tell if the removal of the New York Times, from X, will have any lasting effects.