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Expel George Santos? Terrible Record, Terrible Precedent – Fear the Worst?

The world of U.S. collegiate athletics has been rocked by a call for the expulsion of George Santos, one of the most prominent coaches in the sport. The unprecedented move has stirred up a controversy which fear may set a terrible precedent for the future. The court of public opinion has largely condemned Santos as an unprofessional and unethical leader of a top-tier collegiate sports program, and students and alumni have joined forces to call for his ouster from the institution. Led by the Student Body President of XYZ University, a petition has been started to demand the school’s President take action. Santos’ tenure at the school has been marked by many questionable acts, including allegations of preferential treatment of student athletes, such as awarding scholarships to those of lesser merit, attempting to influence the college’s disciplinary process, and ignoring health and safety laws. As is often the case, Santos has denied these allegations and insists he has done nothing wrong. Despite his personal denials, XYZ University remains under the microscope, and the threat that Santos’ expulsion could set a terrible precedent looms large. Already, critics of the decision are labeling it as an attack on the sport itself rather than a necessary disciplinary action. This is inpart due to the fact that other coaches have been allowed to continue in their roles despite similar issues. The very future of collegiate athletics may depend on the outcome of this situation, and regardless of the wisdom of the decision to pursue Santos’ expulsion, the potential consequences are cause for great concern. The precedent revealed by the actions of XYZ University could be one that colleges and universities look to for guidance in the future, and the ramifications of such a decision will reverberate throughout the sport. Only time will tell whether Santos is removed from the school, and the implications both for the rest of the season and the future of collegiate athletics remain to be seen. With this story grabbing headlines from coast to coast, it’s clear that the eyes of the world are upon XYZ University and the future of collegiate sports rests in their hands.