Live After Quit

“Mike Pence Shuts Down Stalled 2024 Ambitions!

The future of Mike Pence’s 2024 Presidential Campaign came into question last week after the former Vice President announced its suspension. With the general election less than two years away, Mike Pence’s decision to halt the campaign signals a major shift in the field of potential contenders. Mike Pence is no stranger to politics. He served as Indiana’s 50th governor from 2013-2017 and was selected as former President Donald Trump’s running mate in 2016, and again in 2020. With Pence strongly rooted in conservative politics, his 2024 plan was to build on the Trump administration’s platform and assemble a coalition of evangelical Christian and conservative voices. However, this vision failed to gain traction, with the suspension of his campaign highlighted a clear lack of momentum. There were several potential contributing factors to Pence’s dwindling popularity. His departure from the Trump administration has been contentious, as demonstrated by his refusal to accept the president’s baseless claims of widespread voter-fraud during the 2020 election. Pence also failed to address the Capitol Riots, whereas President Trump called for the ceasefire. This lack of vocalization raised concerns about his true political ideals and other associated controversies. There were also suggestions that Pence’s calm demeanor and ability to stay away from inflammatory rhetoric would benefit his campaign, but many saw it as a lack of presence. Although his camp issued press releases and announcement, a short series of campaign stops in key states seemed to be countermanded by the PR blitz of other Republican hopefuls. It may well be that the field is simply too crowded for Mike Pence, with potentially 50-70 candidates throwing their hats into the ring, and even Donald Trump himself is apparently considering running again in 2024. In light of this, the consensus has been that Pence’s 2024 campaign was doomed from the start. This may be an incorrect assumption, and Pence could still father a successful campaign—it is still possible. With months to evaluate the race, Mike Pence may well make a surprise late entry, a decision which could leave many scratching their heads. Only time will tell.