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“Trump Tops Iowa Poll: DeSantis and Haley Hot on His Heels

President Donald Trump continues to maintain a wide lead in Iowa, according to the latest poll out of the state. Trump currently stands at 41 percent support among Iowa voters, while Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron Desantis tie for second place at a distant 12 percent each. The poll, which was conducted by the Iowa Poll, surveyed 1,149 Iowans and was conducted between August 28th and September 2nd. It had a margin of error of plus-or-minus two point three percent. Trump’s lead is bolstered by overwhelming support among Republican and independent voters, with his approval rating among the former standing at 83 percent and 57 percent among the latter. Democrats, however, oppose the President in large numbers. Indeed, only twelve percent of Democrats polled supported Trump. In comparison, Haley and Desantis garnered the same level of support among Democrats, with 12 percent of Democrats showing their support. However, Haley performed slightly better among independents, with 24 percent approving of her candidacy as opposed to Desantis’ 21 percent. The latest Iowa Poll underscores Trump’s position at the top of the race, while Haley and Desantis appear to have their work cut out for them in the state. Not only do they need to narrow the large gap between them and Trump, but they must also find ways to increase their membership of the Democrats and independents who will be critical in deciding who will be Iowa’s next representative in the White House. Despite a largely divided electorate, Trump’s lead in Iowa is likely to remain firmly entrenched as only three percent of Iowa voters said they are undecided at this point in the race. This shows that the GOP candidate has secured the strong backing of Iowa Republicans and independents, making it difficult for any challenger to breach Trump’s current lead.