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Biden’s Challenged Response to Palestine’s Distressing Death Toll

Joe Biden’s Dismissal of the Reported Palestinian Death Toll Joe Biden’s response to the reported death toll of Palestinians that resulted from last month’s conflict between Israel and Hamas was surprising. Instead of expressing sympathy for the victims, the U.S. President chose to focus on long-term peace between the two sides. The death toll reported by the Palestinian health ministry stands at 248, including 66 children. This is the highest number since the 2014 war between Hamas and Israel. The conflict has also left thousands of Palestinians homeless. The impact of this disaster has been felt by all, regardless of political affiliation or religion. Despite the tragedy, President Biden has chosen to focus on finding a long-term solution to the conflict. He has called for a two-state solution, a sentiment previously echoed by former presidents, the international community, and Middle Eastern leaders. Biden has not addressed the reported Palestinian death toll directly. Instead, he has reportedly excluded the toll from his statements on the conflict. The White House has reportedly felt that directly referring to the toll could cause the situation to become more contentious and unpredictable. The President’s silence on the matter has been met with confusion from both sides of the conflict. This is especially so for the Palestinians, who see direct acknowledgement of their plight as a basic show of humanity. One thing is certain: Biden’s dismissal of the reported Palestinian death toll doesn’t bode well for a long-term resolution to the conflict. In order for any lasting peace to be achieved, both sides must be given an equal platform to make their voices heard, not ignored.