The Battle for Congress: Who Will Prevail in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most complex and long-standing issues of the modern world. For decades, governments have tried to address this issue and have yet to find a lasting solution. Now, the conflict has spread to the halls of Congress, where both sides are vying for influence to press their agendas. The two sides have long opposed each other on the international stage, and this discord is now playing out inside the United States government. On one side, there is the Israeli government, which works tirelessly to get its allies in Congress to support its efforts in the region. On the other is the Palestinian people, who are mostly powerless in this situation but have managed to secure sympathizers within the legislative branch. The result has been a lopsided fight in which the Israelis have clearly won out. Over the past few years, many of Congress’s resolutions on the conflict have sided with the Israelis, either through direct support or by resigning from any involvement. This has had a significant impact on the conflict and the broader Middle East region, as America has become a major ally and partner of Israel’s. This trend is evidenced by the recent passage of a House resolution condemning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which calls for economic and political pressure on Israel to end its military occupation of the Palestinian territories. The resolution passed overwhelmingly, with 87 percent in favor and only 11 percent in opposition. While the resolution does not directly address the conflict, it is seen as a win for Israel as it provides a symbolic showing of Congressional approval for its actions. The divide between the two sides is further shown through the lack of progress on a two-state solution. Palestinians hope to see a resolution favorable to their cause that allows for a nation of their own, while the Israeli government continues to pump money into the country’s settlements in the West Bank. With no end in sight, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is likely to continue to be a heated point of debate inside Washington. Ultimately, the Israeli-Palestinian battle to sway Congress has largely been a one-sided affair that is heavily stacked in favor of the Israelis. With a powerful ally in the United States, and a weak opposition from the Palestinians, the conflict appears to have few signs of abating. As such, it is likely that Congress will continue to pass resolutions and bills that are strongly pro-Israel and largely ignore the plight of the Palestinians.