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Univision Takes a Sharp Spin on Covering Trump – The Evolution of Spanish Language News Giant

Univision, once known as the “Spanish-language news giant,” has taken an entirely different approach in covering President Donald Trump’s presidency in comparison to their usual coverage of each president in recent decades. The company, which is owned by a private equity firm, has placed a greater emphasis on stories that are not found in other traditional news networks and has pushed for more Spanish-language coverage of the current administration. The approach shifts from the traditional focus on immigration, Presidential statements, and issues that resonate with primarily Hispanic audiences, to an all-encompassing approach that encompasses a wide range of stories not always seen in other major news outlets. While Univision no longer road-bombs or offers direct coverage of the White House, they are taking a more holistic approach that involves investigative reporting features, well-researched opinion pieces, and investigative reporting on issues such as climate change. They have also newscasts that dedicate time to stories like international affairs and US society and politics, as well as allowing for segments on non-political stories, such as sports, health, entertainment, and lifestyle. In a statement, Univision stated they are “dedicated to providing a vibrant and comprehensive coverage of American and global politics and affairs from a Hispanic perspective.” This statement illuminates the company’s newfound goal in covering news in a way that takes into account the perspectives of their diverse audience. With newscasts reaching millions of people in the United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other Spanish-speaking countries around the world, Univision is constantly looking for ways to reach their target market and share stories that resonate with them. Univision’s choice to broaden their coverage of the Trump administration is an effort to meet the demands of their diverse viewership. The company’s decision to shift to a more comprehensive news coverage approach shows that they understand not only the news needs of their existing Hispanic audience, but also the needs of non-Hispanic audiences around the world. From their investigative reporting on political topics, to their news segments featuring sports, lifestyle, and entertainment, Univision is leading the way in providing a unique voice in the landscape of Spanish-language news.