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Sidney Powell Disputes Trump: Neither is in Charge?

The bizarre story of President Donald Trump and his former lawyer Sidney Powell goes from strange to stranger upon the latter’s recent assertion that neither the President nor the incoming Joe Biden administration are actually in control. The remarks were made as part of an interview on the RightSide Broadcasting Network, a streaming video platform popular with the far-right. Speaking to host Andre Ley #FHTV, Powell said that Donald Trump would still be the President and in charge if he had received “proper investigative help” from certain members of the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation,and other top federal officials. When grilled by Ley on the prospect of Biden coming into power, despite claims of the election being rigged, Powell maintained her stance that Trump is the rightful President, and reminded the host of her grievances. “No one has conducted a proper investigation of the allegations of fraud and forgeries and the brazenness of the cyber-attacks and manipulation with the Dominion Voting Systems,” she stated. “That’s what the President is still entitled to. And until the Judiciary takes action to make sure the election of the President of the United States is fair and true, then we will still have a President in the White House that’s in charge.” The former Trump attorney’s statements come as both the incumbent and President-elect continue to clash over the results of the 2020 election, with Trump refusing to concede and Biden vowing to pursue an agenda of change. Powell’s words may have fray some nerves in both camps, though their truth may be questionable. Fact-checkers have already branded her statements “false” on numerous occasions, and her other claims of a Venezuela-backed plot to damage the Trump administration have yet to be verified. Ultimately, the only clear assertion that can be made is that the relationship between the two former associates is continuing to sink into unprecedented depths.