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“Uniting Powers: Biden and Xi Rejoin Military Ties to Alleviate Tension

On August 20th, 2020, the United States and China agreed to restore military ties, helping to ease tensions between the two countries. Leaders of both countries, President Joe Biden and President Xi Jinping, spoke on the phone in what both leaders described as a productive call. The two countries have been in a tense relationship for years, but it has seen an uptick in recent months due to a variety of issues, with some experts describing the relationship as the “worst since the Cold War.” Most notably, the two countries have clashed on the issue of trade and technology, the South China Sea, and areas of human rights. Amidst the growing tensions, these renewed military ties could ensure that dialogue between the two countries remains open and productive. The White House stated that President Biden has proposed the restart of a ‘high-level dialogue’ about the relationship between the two countries. This dialogue would involve discussions on issues such as arms control and maritime law and order. It would add additional stringency to operations in the South China Sea and other disputed bodies of water and would ensure that these disputes are handled peacefully, with both sides engaging in conflict resolution mechanisms. In addition, President Biden proposed to both leaders that they create better channels of communication with each other. This would ensure that, in times of dispute, issues can be discussed before they escalate any further. The positive nature of the call between the two presidents points to a desire to restore ties between the United States and China. While it remains to be seen if this will actually be achieved, it stands to reason that both countries could benefit from over time. The United States and China have become increasingly intertwined in recent years, with economic ties and a shared history of global trouble spots. The reestablishment of military ties can go a long way towards easing tensions between the two countries and ensuring that they can work together effectively.