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Uncovered Horrors: Did Biden Really Find New Evidence That Hamas Beheaded Babies?

Recently, in a speech delivered to a group of Jewish and non-Jewish supporters, President Joe Biden uncannily continued the infamous narrative – saying that “Hamas beheaded babies” just as it did in 2014. This story has been brought up by many prominent figures in the past, painting an abysmal tale of Hamas’s gross brutality towards infants. But as the years have pass by, there has been a dearth of evidence that could justify such accusations. To examine if Biden’s rhetoric held any semblance of truth, we consulted various international experts. Piers Robinson from the University of Sheffield insists that he is “doubtful” about whether Hamas has ever beheaded infants. He postulates that as barbaric and atrocious as Hamas’s tactics may be, the allegation that it has beheaded babies is highly unlikely. “There is no hard evidence that this has ever happened in Gaza,” he says. Other experts suggest that the perpetuation of this narrative could be a ‘political lever’ primarily used to propagate a sense of alarm. There is no documentary or testimonial to support Biden’s claims. These stories are mostly penned as opinion columns or based on interviews with sources of uncertain authority or reliability. At the end of the day, the true veracity of Hamas’s brutality is an issue that must be addressed diplomatically rather than by exaggeration. One must be judicious with their words, as any false narrative could serve as the basis for further misunderstanding. Amidst conflicting accounts, the best approach to unraveling the truth remains fact-checking sources and verifying accuracy.